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1.Ten years specialized in capacitors
2.Longlife from 3years to 10years
3.High quality capacitors with competitive price

DC Link Capacitor for Power Electronics


The capacitor for power electronic are use of metal-based thin-film without

a sense of style winding, special spray gold process, molded case,or Myra

tape packaging, fire-retardant epoxy resin seal, copper bolts, copper nuts or

inserts leads.

metallized polypropylene structure;excellent electric property;self-healing property;

long lifetime;DC-link capacitor;Used in DC-Link circuits, Can replace electrolytic

capacitor; Low ESR, high ripple current handling capabilities;Low Inductance;

Self-healing property

Design photos:                                                                                  

Application for capacitors:                                                             

It is mainly Used in wind power, solar power or other industrial frequency converter;  used for IGBT;PHOTOVOLTAIC; UPS, inverter, electroplating power supply, inverter welder, and induction heating equipment,Used in DC support filter circuit;welding machines,magnetizater;filter,pulse;inverter;;and other electric and electronic equipment used for filtering;Used for high frequency switching power supply filter, absorption, in every other straight, resonant circuit ;etc.

Widely applied to EMI, Such as highfrequency welding inverter, UPS, electric vehicles, etc;Used for rail traffic traction or the ship drive converter.Used for various power industry inverter, such as high voltage variable frequency drive device

Used for the harmonic management, SVG equipment.


Technical Specifications                                                                   

Temperature Range


Capacity Range


Capacitance deviation







tgδ≤0.002(at 1KHz)

Insulation resistance

CxRs≥5000S(at20°C 100V.DC 60S)

Shock current capability




Stray inductance


Effective Current


Reference Standard

Enterprise standards in line with IEC61071 ,IEC61881 ,GB17702.1 

Case components

aluminum,plastic,304 stanless steel


tinned brass nut or screws


whatever installation

Failure rate

50 FIT


Note: Capacitor other specifications and sizes out of the table are negotiable. 

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Test and Certification:                                                                      


Production Technique:                                                                    

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